Kelvin MacKenzie ‘entitled’ to express his xenophobia?

I’m sick of it, sick of the fact that Muslim women who wear a hijab simply cannot be seen singularly without the constant unnecessary focus on the scarf worn on their heads.

Oblivious to the apparent Islamphobia and xenophobic remarks, The Press Regulator has cleared Kelvin MacKenzie over his attack on Fatima Manji, the Channel 4 News presenter, for wearing a hijab while reporting on the Nice terror attacks.

MacKenzie accused Channel 4 News of “editorial stupidity” for allowing Manji to wear a hijab when “there had been another shocking slaughter by a Muslim” in Nice.  Kelvin’s linkage of the hijab and the act of terrorism which took place is, in itself a remark of ignorance.

In its ruling the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) said he was “entitled to express” his view.

It states: “The article did refer to the complainant but it did so to explain what triggered the discussion about a legitimate subject of debate: whether newsreaders should be allowed to wear religious symbols”

Freedom of expression is one thing, but using the debate about whether newsreaders should be allowed to wear religious symbols, provokes a made-up fear of visual Muslims, as intimidating, as a threat and as the other.

Her capabilities as a Channel 4 journalist were undermined by Kelvin and he drew attention to her personal and religious freedom of dress by intentionally associating her visual appearance with her profession and creating a narrative which was nonexistent to begin with.

As Manji explains “He is not a public philosopher of our time, he’s not interested in religious symbols.”

It is truly shocking that even after Kelvin obviously suggested that Manji shares common ground with the perpetrator of the Nice attack, the Ipso has failed to highlight the vile effect this ignorant perception may have on the readers of Britain’s most widely read news paper.Thanks  to them, this  so-called validated  ‘freedom of expression’ has now fuelled the already-misunderstood perception of hijab-wearing women.

Fatima Manji is a journalist, a brilliant one, it is absolutely unfair that her personal choice may become a topic of discussion for the population when all she was doing was her job, But as Manji said the ruling signified “open season on minorities.”

If the Ipso can clear Kelvin Mackenzie of such apparent remarks, then I’m entitled to lay blame on the organisation  for turning a blind eye on Islamophobia and xenophobia.


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