Jenni Steele: “Using the bricks of life to build your thrown”

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Magazine: Afro Sensation

Meet the amazing red-haired beauty Jenni Steele, recognised as a strong, inspirational mentor. I  was privileged to have Jenni Steele talk to me about her inspiring journey.

After enduring domestic violence as a teenager, she finally found the strength and courage to research her way out.

Finding the courage to walk away

“I was left very badly injured and after a heart to heart with a nurse I knew I could not go back this time…”

Re-building her self-worth was the first step Steele took towards her ever so remarkable journey. She was determined to support others who were living with abuse and that’s exactly what she did!

Her achievements are endless, from having her own Global entertainment show, to starting her own campaign and she’s even co-author of a book; this woman really has done it all!

Having gone through such a traumatic experience in her teenage hood, during her unhealthy relationship Jenni was unable to go to university. However, she explains that her success came from opportunities, creativity and networking.

Aspiring to inspire

Lioness ladies set up by Jennie Steele in 2009 is a unique network opportunity for women to socialise and promote business over dinner. Primarily formed to support women by allowing them to feel comfortable opening up to one another, this proved to be one of the first and most successful events of its kind.

 “Us women can achieve so much together, women supporting women is a must if we are going to create change for the future leaders”

Jenni’s vision slowly started taking shape; she had launched The Jenni Steele Foundation in March 2015, an organisation that believes in creating opportunities with a support network for the next generation of Leaders. The foundation has supported many young people through lectures, workshops and partnerships with other youth organisations, in order to provide a large platform for the youth.

She is now one of 12 co-authors on the book ‘Wounds of Wisdom,’ which is an empowering book about rebuilding your life after the trauma of Domestic violence.

“I have been given the chance to help break cycles for the next generations to come; turning a negative experience into a positive solution is such a blessing. It was not easy, I made it through the darkness… If I can, you can”

Positive vibes

Being a person that spreads positivity, how does Jenni deal with negative emotions?

“We all have ups and downs. I have more inspired moments than negative. By looking at how far I have come always inspires me to do more. My biggest inspiration and motivation is my children. If I am feeling tired I listen to music singing and dancing gives off good energy. My home is a music loving household… There is always music playing”

Jenni believes confidence is the key root of our soul and in order to be confident you must learn to love yourself and believing in yourself is a must… as Jennie says- If you don’t why would anyone else?

image4 (1)

“Away from the mic I love shoes my favourite comfy bold leopard print heels glam up nice with my red painted toes”

“Be good to yourself recognise your strengths and develop them. This will not only help you improve your skills but also your confidence in your own abilities.”

Talking about confidence, how stunning is Jenni’s red hair?! Red hair has become Jennie’s trademark; she can’t go anywhere without being recognised

“Red hair chose me, I love it, and I have been a red head for about 18 months, its healthy and growing, possibly because it’s not relaxed with lots of treatments in between colouring. I won’t be going back to black for now!”

Time / diary management is the key for Jenni! Her children are young adults now so it’s easier, but when they were younger she had to choose jobs wisely so they had their time together.

“We have great family time, the same support and advice I give to the community I give to my children first! Again breaking cycles that run in many people’s family where parents work so hard they don’t bond with their children. That is not happening in my home…”

Onwards and upwards

Jenni is thankful for her journey, from being a victim of domestic violence to creating a life full of amazing, positive experiences: seeing her children become young adults, working hard, achieving and living her purpose are the highlights of her journey so far.

So having done so much throughout her life to date, whats next for Jenni?

“My personal book is coming 2017 and the world is my Oyster anything is possible!”

If you or your friend fear your partner then you need to talk to someone. offer support services on their website.

You can call the National DV Helpline 24/7 on 0808 2000 247.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the above you can contact Jenni directly on she would be more than happy to help!





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